Premium products, grown in clean Carpathians
Premium products grown in Carpathians

In the clean Carpathians, from clean fertile soil we gathered fruits, bestowed by nature. Our Carpathian family prepared it carefully without using of artificial preservatives, colorings, flavorings and give to you.




Environmental, because collected in the clean Carpathians area

Useful, because fruits and berries picked in season and without freezing

Delicious, because made according to traditional recipes

Without colorings, flavorings and artificial preservatives


Invariably the natural, original taste of the Carpathians also brings nutritional benefits. Pure mountain air, spring water and the spirit of the majestic Carpathians are combined in the products we offer to you. We have introduced modern ideas to the industry, allowing us to combine the latest technology and natural products to bring you the true taste of the Carpathians.

Our brand "Carpaty Enjoy" is a new company that is developing dynamically in the food industry. We specialize in producing pickled vegetables, juices, fruit drinks, syrups and carefully select, fruit, berries and vegetables that were grown in the environmentally clean Carpathian area.

We prepare our products using traditional European recipes. We guarantee high quality, rich taste and natural goodness in each spoonful.

We do not use dyes, preservatives and artificial flavorings, so our products retain the succulence and original taste of the fruit.

We care about the environment, so we adhere the ecological production methods. Lack of industrial exposure allows us to grow delicious, healthy and natural fruits of which products "Carpaty enjoy" are manufactured.

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